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Why we ride




Deeper understanding, and being honest with yourself.

See Ma, no hands!


Why motorcycle is stable at speed

Busting common myths and giving the real reason.

Never-Ready 500


Motorcycle batteries

Why so many riders complain about their batteries going weak, what's the real deal, and what can you do?

Tankslapper... Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!



What causes those nasty things, and how to avoid them.


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Throttle and brake combined into a single control


An amazing technique which will make anyone a much smoother rider.

Holding a stick tight...


How to hold a throttle

Our no-nonsense approach and a number of reasons to justify it.


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How to deal with it.

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Radar/Laser Detectors


Why even most expensive radar/laser detector/jammer won't save you all the time


Common sense, the right place and the right time are your three friends.

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How to go over a pothole


This can save your balls, your ride, and your pride.







Section 2

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Unpredictable scenarios


How to deal with them. 


It's all about reprogramming yourself. A few scary scenarios you will learn to handle.


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The three most important things about riding


Hint: they have little to do with riding


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How to stop as quickly as possible



Not as simple as it seems.


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Glazed brake pads


Why it happens, what to do, and how to prevent it.


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Unusual body position


Solves lots of problems. Creates only one for you to overcome.


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Useful electrical upgrades


Volt-meter, switches, TPMS, and more.


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Pulled over



Why it happens, what to do, what not to do, and how to prevent it.


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Funny Story: riding under the speed limit



How I had to ride under the speed limit on a 150 mile trip.


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Keeping it simple: how to fix a bike after a lowside



After I lowsided, the bike needed to be fixed. Didn't feel like spending too much, and tried to keep it simple and effective.







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We reserve the right to publish, reject, or edit any submissions. We do not provide any compensation. All techniques described here are for informational purposes only. If you decide to try - it is at your own risk.

Often misunderstood, Motorcycle Dynamics proved to be an unpopular and confusing topic on various motorcycle message boards. Even the magazines would rather devote many pages to new machinery, lives of champions, or the impressions of a journalist testing a new ride. More often than not, fundamental things in motorcycling are presented in overly simplified manner which does not allow a reader to fully comprehend it and utilize in practice. Perhaps a magazine is not a place for this level of detail. We strongly believe that deeper understanding of Motorcycle Dynamics and other motorcycle related topics can dramatically improve rider's experience, speed, safety, and fun factor as well as save time, money, and aggravation. Content published on this website is of course our own opinion, and not a complete one at that. We welcome any well articulated opinions supported by research, logic and common sense - feel free to email us. 

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